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DC Fawcett Real Estate Investing Tips – Best Markets to Buy Real Estate Investments

The numbers are out! We’re excited to release a list of the most popular zip codes for wholesale deals from January to March of 2016.

If you do your own marketing to find investment property, target properties in these zip codes because they are more likely to have motivated sellers and/or properties in disrepair. Both of these conditions can lead to greater discounts and profits for investors like yourself.

We compiled this data from the hundreds of wholesale deals that were posted to our website over the first quarter.

Keep reading to the breakdown of hot investment areas and the zip codes where we saw the highest levels of deal activity during the first three months of the year.

First Map: The Big Picture


The top 5 market areas for wholesale property deals include:

  1. Houston
  2. Dallas
  3. Atlanta
  4. South Florida
  5. Washington

Note: Washington includes Maryland and Parts of VA, and South Florida includes Miami to West Palm Beach.


The maps below show more detail for each of these markets.

Wholesale Deal Activity per Market Area:


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The next charts we think are a little more interesting. By zooming in, you can see more detail on what the HOT areas are in each city. You can also see where there is almost NO activity.



Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Houston:

  1. 77026
  2. 77004
  3. 77009
  4. 77016
  5. 77021

Dallas/Fort Worth:


Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in DFW:

  1. 75228
  2. 75229
  3. 75150
  4. 75007
  5. 75218



Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Atlanta:

  1. 30310
  2. 30032
  3. 30315
  4. 30318
  5. 30316

South Florida:


Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in South Florida:

  1. 33311
  2. 33147
  3. 33309
  4. 33407
  5. 33009



Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Washington:

  1. 21217
  2. 20743
  3. 21213
  4. 21216
  5. 21224



Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Chicago:

  1. 60619
  2. 60620
  3. 60628
  4. 60409
  5. 60617



Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Philadelphia:

  1. 19121
  2. 19139
  3. 19145
  4. 19120
  5. 19125

Los Angeles:


Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Las Angeles:

  1. 90011
  2. 90026
  3. 91604
  4. 90046
  5. 90063

Central Texas, San Antonio:


Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Central Texas:

  1. 78752
  2. 78201
  3. 78723
  4. 78204
  5. 78209

Central Texas, Austin:


Tampa Bay, Florida:


Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in Tampa:

  1. 33604
  2. 33610
  3. 33619
  4. 32805
  5. 33605

NYC/Tri-State Area:


Top 5 Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in the Tri-State Area:

  1. 07106
  2. 07017
  3. 07111
  4. 07305
  5. 08807

Lastly, we plugged in the average asking price in each market. We thought you would like to see this… Los Angeles – get out of here!


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Are you surprised by the zip codes on this list? Share your thoughts below…




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