DC Fawcett- Real-Estate-Guidelines-On-Virtual-wholesaling

DC Fawcett Real Estate Guidelines On Virtual wholesaling

In order to avoid risk and play safe game, virtual real estate marketing is preferred by the investors as it doesn’t require any money or experience.

The advantage is that the possibility of spreading their markets vast likes short sales, REO’S, investments on commercial properties which will increase the potential on return investment through DC Fawcett virtual wholesaling.

What is meant by real estate wholesaling?

It is a method, by which best real estate deals are determined and sent to real estate investors for which they are being paid, although it is only legal when paper work is done.

How to being virtual wholesaling?

Investors feel comfortable in earning money with minimum or no risk within short span of time, for such people virtual wholesaling is recommended as it has the following advantages

  • Less competition as virtual real estate investors are less, many markets are undiscovered
  • If local markets are saturated, investors can prefer other markets which have better options
  • No need to – buy houses , sellers , buyers, make down payments, marketing cost
  • No prior knowledge required on house repair and renovation
  • Profit margin is 100 percent

What does a virtual real estate investor need in virtual wholesaling?

  • Ensure you have a license to do the marketing safe, you can also sell and buy properties through virtual wholesaling.
  • Hiring very reliable real estate agents and contractors, it can be few or many in number because if one fails to work or show up, other agents can help you out. Give them time to send you photos and report on the property.
  • Send postcards and do mailing campaign, respond to the sellers who showed interest regarding terms, negotiate the price and mark them under contract list. Find a buyer and assign this contract, follow them up until deal closes and receive your check.
  • You can find genuine buyers online through advertising and research well before you sign a deal always and build good rapport with buyers and follow them up until deal is closed.
  • Go ahead to purchase or resell your property once you feel it is viable and worth the investment. Ensure that you sign a deal with a company which is known nationwide and title of the company is known in the market.
  • In the initial stages of investing, make investments in your local region. In the later stage, once you are familiar with the trends and strategies, start house flipping.
  • When you commit mistakes, try to learn and never repeat them again, you need to be careful while investing as there are many types of scams going around.

DC Fawcett reviews on how to prevent scam:

  • When you wholesale virtually, never sign deals in a fast manner and take time to investigate the property on a whole.
  • Though there are real estate agents to help you out, never trust them blindly.


DC Fawcett, the founder of virtual real estate investing club has written blogs on virtual wholesaling, new investors can read them and know more about it.