DC Fawcett Real Estate Ideologies On Real Estate Investment

DC Fawcett Real Estate – There are many ways in which one can invest and make quick profits in real estate. One of the easiest way to earn money quickly is through house flipping where one buys a house with an under market value to renovate or repair and sell the same house at higher price.

Real estate crowd funding: It is a process through which social media platforms asks the real estate companies to invest some money. Higher capital and unification are the two important factors in crowd funding. So different types of crowd funding are

Reward based: This is a method where people invest in exchange of rewards rather than cash.

Donation based: This is d one for charity purpose

Debt based: it is similar to mortgage with a certain rate of interest

Stake based: investor gets a share in their profit

There are two types of scams going around in real estate market. They are

*Title scam: Title insurance plays a major role while purchasing a property. The scammers will not allow you to buy it. Make sure you invest in a company that has reliable title and property must not posses any mortgage payments.

*Rental scam: Many scammers use the information provided by the owners in rental sites, so many people fall prey for it by making transactions to the scammer’s account without proper knowledge. Once the amount is deposited to the account, the scammer disappears. It doesn’t involve attorney so many fraudulent cases are registered
How to prevent scams?

•Take ample time to finish a deal

•Outdated information provided by agents in different business platforms in social media, so ask license and then proceed

•All details of the property should be asked before purchasing as some agents would like to sell property with issues.

•Rental scam can be prevented by partnering

DC Fawcett has given certain reviews on failure of real estate agents. They are

•Lack of motivation

•Lack of good presentation skills

•Multi tasking

•Time management

To overcome these drawbacks, DC Fawcett has given his point of view on how a real estate agent should be

•He should give priority to his clients

•Streamlined manner of work

•Commitment in whatever work they do

•Honest and straightforward towards the clients

•Flexible to the requirements of client


DC  Fawcett who preaches the art of virtual real estate investment has been actively providing webinars and seminars on the concepts of rehabbing houses, house flipping, wholesaling houses, through which many real estate entrepreneurs are getting benefitted.

The well equipped Virtual Real Estate investing club is to train young real estate entrepreneurs to earn profits quickly. This club helps you to start investing in real estate as part time without using any money and special license. Virtual real estate Wholesaling is where one can flip through multiple properties without owning it. It has its own benefits as one can work from home and no license is required. He also has written many blogs, so for budding real estate entrepreneurs can make use of it.