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DC Fawcett Real Estate Methods To Prevent From Real Estate Hazards

As a real estate professional, there are high chances of indulging in risk and you are prone to danger at any time. Meeting new clients, showing your properties, holding open house has all kinds of risk as everyone are strangers to you first. Even violating the marketing strategies will lead oneself to prison.DC Fawcett Real Estate

These two factors act as threats to the real estate world.

Real estate agents

There is no guarantee that the agent is reliable, there are situations where you blindly give your keys to conduct open houses and show the properties in the absence of the landlord (investor).

Fore closured properties

The condition of fore closured properties is so bad and you may expect any kind of visitor and at any location. There could be a chance of an abandoned wildlife area zone also, ex-home owners, so the situation is dreadful and unpleasant.

Dc Fawcett reviews on how to safeguard from the real estate hazards.

Visiting fore- closured properties /new properties /showing a property

  • Check the windows and exteriors, if there is any damage or you find any suspicious activity, call the police and inform the same, require their assistance and leave the place.


  • If you find squatters also, call the police, inform and leave the suspicious area immediately.


  • Take a partner with you, when you visit properties it is always better to go with your friend or colleague or a person who can confront danger.


  • Inform the people with whom you meet or talk or work often, so that if there is any danger you can call them for help immediately. The time can be saved in explaining the entire situation over phone when the person knows where you are and can reach out to you immediately.


  • Visit the property in daytime, so even neighborhood people can reach out for help. Avoid night time visits or when it’s dark.


Meeting the client for the first time

  • Meet them in a familiar location (like your workplace) first and get to know about them, learn what they do and other personal information. If you are fine, then you can show them your property.


  • Identification is must, you can ask their driving license or Office ID, and say its company policy to check these essentials. You can also create form where your clients fill out all basic details about them.


  • Introduce the person to your friend or colleague, if the person is criminal or suspicious in nature you can find out easily.


Conducting open houses

  • Security: add video surveillance or identification at the doorstep. These will prevent suspicious guys entering or even showing up. When you advertise itself, add this point for prevention.


  • Advertising : Use proper photos and don’t provide too much information


  • Valuables: Don’t keep any valuable items in the house like wallet/ laptop /mobile.



Real estate agents are always not reliable. Enquire about the property and do assessment vigorously. The scam can happen through them, they may tell you it’s a new property, but it can be a distressed property /fore closured /property unsold for a long time.

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