How to Start Investing in Real Estate with Little or No Money

You know what you want to do. But you just don’t know how to get started with little or no money. You want or need to start a portfolio where you flip houses for profit. Flipping houses is a way of making a steady income and profit providing you get it right.

There are those who have made a successful career and a source of valuable income from buying houses for low money, then refurbishing them, before placing the property back on the market for a higher price than you would have originally purchased for.

The profit you will make from flipping your first home will be the price you sell at, with the original purchase price plus renovation work deducted. So, how to get started flipping houses with no money, is a question that will be asked over and over again.

Even if the home you purchase to start with is a foreclosure property in a run-down neighborhood, you are still going to have to find the money to pay the auction house after you have bid on the property.

One way of negotiating a purchase of a home you cannot afford is to ask for a loan. Interest rates across the country are at a low and this means loans from your bank or lender can be rather cheap. The greater the size of the loan, the more bargains you’ll find with the lending companies or mortgage lenders. Be careful not to use any loan company or lender with a less than perfect reputation.

This is one way of flipping houses with no money down as a deposit. You may have to negotiate a higher monthly repayment with your lender but this is usually easier than you might think. You see, mortgage lenders and home sellers are duty bound to try and seal a sale.

A real estate attorney should be used for both parties during the negotiations for the loan. This helps to protect both parties in the deal and will make the sale go through more smoothly.

Another way to buy property with little or no money is to consider a leasing deal. Many investors open up a lease deal and answer the burning question of how to investing in real estate with no money. It works by getting the paperwork to include an option to buy as soon as you can afford to.