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How to Start Investing in Real Estate – The Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks from the DC Fawcett

Real Estate business has attracted many small as well as big investors ever since its inception due to its tremendous potential. However, regardless of the fact your colleague or cousin claims it’s “Easy Money,” starting in real estate can be confusing for beginners, mainly, due to lots of information scattered all over the internet. You…

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Self-Directed-IRA-Arizona-Real-Estate-Investing-dc fawcett real estate tips

How to Invest in Real Estate With a Self Directed IRA – DC Fawcett Real Estate Tips

Many people are not being informed that they can put their Individual Retirement Account money in a whole slew of alternative investments like real estate (generally called “IRA real estate), Private Mortgage Lending, valuable metals, commodities, etc. with a self directed IRA. Subsequently, many people are not appropriately broadened and their portfolios are susceptible or…

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